Frequently Asked Questions…


Q. Why is your mezzanine quote so much lower than the others I’ve received? Are you sure you are quoting the same product?
A. Because we are the manufacturer, our prices will be substantially lower than those companies who buy and resell mezzanines. There are many distributors of mezzanines, but few manufacturers. Arc Force is one of the leading mezzanine manufacturers.


Q. I don’t see the mezzanine size I need on your stock list. Can I add two different sizes together to get the size I need? Will this be the new price?
A. Yes and no. This will give you an approximate price only. For an exact price, please submit your size requirement using our custom quote form. This is free to you, and you will then know your price exactly for what you want. It’s most often a cheaper price for the custom quote rather than adding two sizes together.

Q. Can I order only parts of a mezzanine? I really don’t require the stairs and I would like to supply my own plywood flooring.
A. Yes! Since we are the manufacturer, we are pleased to custom build the entire mezzanine or just the parts you require. We understand some customers can receive slightly better prices on flooring due to their contacts. Our goal is to provide you with what you need at the best price!


Q. How long before I get my Arc Force Mezzanine?
A. We have one of the fastest delivery times for our products. Generally, it takes about 4-6 weeks from the time of order until the time of delivery. However, this time can be shorter if a rush deadline is needed and if we can put your mezzanine into the production lines without disruption to other orders. We aim to please and to work with you!


Q. Do your prices include installation?
A. If you want installation, then yes. Our prices are only for the mezzanine itself. Most of our customers assemble the mezzanine themselves on-site. However, if you prefer to have an installation company do the work, we can help you by recommending a reputable installation company. We can give you the number to contact them directly, or if preferred, we will take care of the details and add the installation cost to your final invoice.


Q. Where do you ship your products?
A. All across Canada and the USA!