Choose the Mezzanine Flooring
that fits your needs.

Mezzanine Deck Choices – Choose the Mezzanine Flooring that Suits Your Requirements

Plywood over B-Deck (Corrugated Steel)

This is the most common choice for our customers since it is economical in price and it suits a variety of uses and applications.  The durability of this deck flooring is perfect for storage areas, in-plant offices etc. Arc Force uses 3/4” straight edge plywood from recycled materials which allows for easy replacement of damaged wood in high traffic areas, over top of 20 gauge, 1- 1/2” steel corrugated roof deck (B-Deck).

Diamond Plate

This is the most expensive type of flooring, but it’s durability for heavy loads warrants its use. Diamond plate flooring provides you with superb wear resistance overall and it resists damage from your pallet truck traffic. This heavy duty steel (1/8” or 1/4” ) has a raised diamond pattern surface which reduces slippage. The strength of diamond plating, over 20 gauge B-Deck also assists in distribution of concentrated loads. This is the best choice for super strength and durability!

Bar Grating

This is a strong and economical alternative. Open bar grating ( 1” x 1/8” bearing bars at 1- 3/16” centers and twisted square cross bars at 4” centers) allows for light, air movement and water from overhead sprinklers to pass through the deck surface. Black finish is standard. This floor should not be used for pallet jack applications.bracing with a typical Arc Force Mezzanine system and your mezzanine will be stable and without sway.