Choose the Mezzanine Stairing
that fits your needs.

Stairs and Landings

Arc Force steel mezzanine stairs are built to last! Our durable industrial, heavy duty stairs have a unique one-piece designed handrail for ease of assembly. We have unlimited configurations to meet any requirement.  Straight run, “L” shaped, or “U” shaped are some common stairs we manufacture.  The stairs quickly and easily assemble onsite with simple nut and bolt assembly. Stair risers can be open or closed, and stair treads can be flat steel with anti-slip tape,  bar grating or diamond plate.  Type of stair code to meet your requirements also includes OSHA (45 degree angle) and BOCA (30 degree angle) or IBC. Stair treads are a standard width of 36” but can be manufactured to your custom requirements.  Our mezzanine stair treads carry a minimum concentrated live load of 1000 lbs in the center of the tread. Landings (4’ x 4’ standard size) are provided when stairs run parallel to the mezzanine, or when stairs are required to turn corners.


The Arc Force mezzanine and stair handrail system is the most innovative one on the market. The one-piece design on our steel stair kit  is easily installed with nut and bolt assembly. No onsite welding needed.  Our 2-rail design handrails on our mezzanines are side-mounted on the mezzanine deck to maximize your deck space. We can also manufacture 3-rail design handrails, wire mesh rails or picket style handrails.  Safety yellow is the standard color, however custom colors are always available at your request.