Choose the Mezzanine Gates
that fits your needs.

Custom manufactured gates from Arc Force allow you access to your mezzanine from floor level. This is especially useful when using forklifts to load and unload pallets onto the mezzanine.

For maximum design flexibility, choose from our three gate styles to complete your custom steel mezzanine from Arc Force.

Our standard steel gates include a 6’ swing gate,  6’ lift out gate and a 6’ slide gate, however, we can accommodate mezzanine deck openings to your requirements with custom size gates. Our design engineers will discuss your needs and assist you with a recommendation on gate type and size if required.


Like our steel mezzanines, the Arc Force Catwalk is manufactured exact to your specs using the same heavy duty, structural steel components as all of our steel mezzanines. The same options of floor deck, handrails, gates, openings, etc are all available on an Arc Force Catwalk.